Florida Peacock Bass Fishing History

Fishing History

In 1984, the Peacock Bass made its debut in Florida’s canals and lakes. The golden colour and black spots of this non-native cichlid are a source of pride for the fish. These fish are a rarity for many, but they’re worth searching Florida’s shores to catch. Peacock Bass can be found in the canals and lakes of South Florida.

Peacock Bass can be identified by its exotic pattern. Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Commission says that this large, spotted cichlid has a “yellow-gold halo” on its caudal (or tailfin) fin. The caudal is the primary locomotion of a fish. If you catch a fish that looks like a bass in South Florida canals and has a green, black, and yellow coloration, look at the tailfin to see if it has a yellow-gold circle around a black area. This halo indicates that you have caught a Peacock Bass.

This Fish Is Not Only Non-native, but It’s Also Non-invasive

The FWC states that Peacock Bass were originally from the Amazon, but they were introduced by the Florida Wildlife Commission in 1984. Bassonline.com states that Peacock Bass are imported from Brazil. Guyana and Peru. The fish were bred in the FWC Non-Native Fish Research Lab. The use of three stocks has increased genetic diversity, and the fish were only stocked after they had been tested by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Auburn University tested the fish to make sure they were free of parasites and diseases.

Catch and Release fishing is encouraged, particularly for fish larger than 14 inches. This species is not popular because of its intolerance for low temperatures and salt water (brackish).

Live bait works best to attract the Peacock Bass, which can be elusive. Bassonline.com states that Peacock Bass can be lured in with a variety of tackle and bait. Artificial lures, Shiners, and flies are all effective. Live bait is the best bait for these fish, but artificial lures can be used to increase the difficulty level. The Peacock Bass is difficult to find, but those who search South Florida waters will be rewarded with one the most exotic species of large Cichlids.

The Peacock Bass is a thrilling catch. Nothing brings you peace of mind more than reeling in one of these exotic species. As with most bass, this fish can be used as a tasty dish. However, releasing the Peacock Bass back into the wild helps maintain Florida’s ecosystem.

Florida Peacock Bass Guided fishing

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