Top Street Food in Bangkok

Street Food in Bangkok

Here is our Top 10 favorite local street food spots in the capital that you will never find in Bangkok tourist guides. This is an opportunity during your stay in Thailand to share with you an indescribable culinary experience that only your taste buds will be able to make you understand!

There are plenty of other Thai street food gems in Bangkok , so if we forgot to mention your favorite street food restaurant , let us know in a comment below so we can all enjoy it and eat more. delicious thai food .

The unbeatable pad thai does not appear in our ranking because you probably already know it since it is the most exported Thai street food dish in Thai restaurants in the West for culinary decades.

Victory Monument

Bangkok ‘s Victory Monument area is a great place for street food as it is one of the capital’s main transport hubs. Countless buses hop on and off at this giant roundabout every day, which is also served by the Victory Monument BTS station . Wherever it’s crowded, there’s always plenty of street food in Thailand !

boat noodle bangkok street food

Around the roundabout, as well as in the adjacent lanes (little neighborhood streets in Thai), you’ll find a bountiful collection of Bangkok restaurants , street food stalls and Thai snacks galore. This street food location is like a circular buffet .

Northeast of the roundabout is the famous Boat Noodle Alley , where you can choose from a variety of Thai boat noodle restaurants , and northwest of the street food district , there are other places less known, but in my opinion more delicious, for Thai boat noodles.

Also, if you are in the Victory Monument area , you can go to Phahon Yothin Soi 1, located just 5 minutes walk north of the monument, to find another street where you can find a good amount of food from street throughout the day and evening. Rangnam street food alley is also very close.

The Victory Monument is a street buffet of Thai street food that will fill your stomach to delight your taste buds .


There’s no denying that Bangkok’s famous Chinatown , known in Thai as Yaowarat, offers some of the most respected street food options in all of Bangkok. You will discover serious masters of Thai street food .

Don’t be afraid to explore the dark alleys or follow the scent of your nose when you smell something delicious, because Yaowarat is full of delectable foods and local food surprises .

Yaowarat road is the most well-known street for Chinese street food , it runs through the heart of Chinatown, but on the parallel Charoen Krung street, and in the countless small alleys of the market, you will also find endless food possibilities .

yoawarat street food bangkok

During the day you’ll come across street food markets , but it’s in the evening that the main wave of street food vendors comes to life; Bangkokians take to the streets en masse to eat. Also, if you are looking to taste interesting things like bird’s nest soup , Yaowarat will not disappoint.

A short distance from Yoawarat is the community of Pahurat, known as Bangkok’s Little India, and home to some great Indian street food restaurants like Toney’s Restaurant.

Ratchawat Market & Sriyan Market

Tucked away in the quiet, leafy neighborhood of Dusit, at the end of a street known as Nakhon Chaisi , are two of Bangkok’s oldest and most traditional markets.

Ratchawat is the first, and includes a fine selection of street food restaurants serving roast duck, Kobe beef noodles, and an unnamed restaurant where a man in a shower cap cooks a stir-fried shark curry that bursts in the mouth with so many flavors that it will keep you coming back.

street snacks bangkok street food

Further up the road, about a kilometer, is the Sriyan Market , another culinary gem . First browse the fresh wet market, then choose from a selection of noodle restaurants , curry eateries , including a local favorite serving up jungle curry , and street snacks that fill the sidewalk.

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