The 3 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Malawi

Beautiful Places to Visit

Do you dream of Africa? So why not visit Malawi? Here are the 13 most beautiful places to discover in Malawi: between a change of scenery and sharing.

Located in southeastern Africa but less well known than its neighbors Mozambique and Tanzania , Malawi is nevertheless an enchanting destination. From Lilongwe, its capital, to the top of the Sapitwa peak via Lake Malawi and the wide expanses of savannah, theĀ  warm heart of Africa will feed your imagination, far from mass tourism.

Indeed, you will visit Malawi for the beauty of its nature, its fauna, its flora. You will then discover an infinite diversity of landscapes: savannah, mountains, plains, tea or rubber plantations… They are all home to many nature reserves. There, you can observe the big five : leopards, elephants, rhinos, buffaloes and lions but also hippos, buffaloes, antelopes, zebras…

Not convinced yet? Then read on. We have concocted a list of our 13 favorites in Malawi. Now let Africa dazzle you and enchant your eyes.

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Lake Malawi National Park

Malawi’s greatest asset is undoubtedly its lake. Third largest African lake, it is thus a real inland sea. It still bathes three-quarters of the length of the country!

On its many beaches, you can dive into deliciously warm and transparent water. Indeed, you can see up to 20 meters below the surface! This purity will therefore allow you to admire the exceptional biodiversity of its seabed, rich in more than 800 species, most of which are endemic. In fact, this has earned the Lake Malawi National Park to be included on the country’s natural heritage list by Unesco.

In addition, the surrounding landscapes are of exceptional natural beauty: hills, marshes, lagoons, mountains… This park alone is worth visiting Malawi because you will be amazed in a dream setting.

Liwonde National Park

Even if you have already been to other parks in the country, do not hesitate to visit Liwonde National Park. You can admire many wild animals in the heart of unspoiled nature. Elephants and hippos are unquestionably the kings, but impalas, kudus, monkeys, antelopes and warthogs are not left out! It is also one of only two parks in Malawi where you have a small chance of spotting rhinos. Finally, amateur ornithologists will also be delighted because birds are the main interest of the park. You can, for example, contemplate the majestic flight of the African Fish Eagle , the bird symbol of the country.


Capital of Malawi since 1975, Lilongwe is an unmissable stop when you visit Malawi. Very rich in heritage, you can admire the World War I Memorial. In addition, it is absolutely necessary to visit the wildlife sanctuary Lilongwe Wildlife Center.

But, visiting Malawi also means discovering the traditional Malawian way of life at the Kumbali Cultural Village . The city market is also worth a visit. You can taste the local atmosphere there by exploring its colorful stalls if you can’t buy everything!

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