The 5 most beautiful places to visit in Scotland

beautiful places to visit

Have you planned a trip to Scotland and don’t want to miss a thing? Discover our selection of the most beautiful places to visit Scotland as it should be.

Scotland is a country with an incredible imagination, very rich Celtic legends and a growing reputation. Yet of the low-key kind, this country has a lot to offer its visitors. Whether you are an adventurous, gastronomic, cultural or historical tourist, Scotland is the perfect country to get away from everyday life.

The History of Scotland is animated by the few invasions which it underwent. Also, it is attached to England, which obviously influenced this northern land. Today full part of the United Kingdom also including England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland is a secret country that amazes both naturally and architecturally. Indeed, many castles from medieval times are still standing, witness to an era full of royal twists and turns. Take part in a Scottish adventure! Alternate between its highlands and its history, dressed in a kilt, with a glass of Scotch whiskey in your hand. Visiting Scotland also means discovering its traditions and why not, trying it out.


Inverness is a pretty little town in Scotland, located in the north of the country. At the mouth of the River Ness, its name literally means ‘Mouth of the River Ness’. It is a city with undeniable charm, capital of the Highlands for which the country is famous.

Explore the poetic banks of the Ness, narrow lanes and old-looking buildings. Only the pace, because having been much disputed during its history, its buildings do not date from before the 19th century. That said, Inverness is completely worth the detour and its place in this list of the most beautiful places to visit in Scotland, for the charm that operates when you enter it.

Isle of Skye

Probably one of the most beautiful attractions in Scotland, the Isle of Skye is a must with grandiose and natural landscapes. Good to know: if you go there by car, you should normally pass near a bridge made famous by the Harry Potter saga : the Glenfinnan Viaduct. That said, the island, vast, is known for the beauty of its very green places, its steep cliffs and its undulating valleys, typical of the Highlands.

For lovers of nature and hiking, we recommend Fairy Pools, to the west. This hike will lead to magnificent natural waterfalls, with incredible colors. If you can, also stop at the very charming town of Portree, and its harbor with its colorful houses.

Edinburgh Castle

Visiting Scotland also means discovering its capital , which is one of the most charming in Europe. The city has a lot to offer you, but one of the main attractions is obviously its castle, which overlooks it in all its glory, from its rock. It is an incomparable way to observe the city, its streets and its buildings. But also to discover its history and its perfectly maintained architecture for the sake of conservation.

Edinburgh Castle has only been open to visitors for a few years, after three centuries of military rule. All that remains is the “One O’Clock Gun”, a military tradition that takes place every day at 1:00 p.m.

Luskentyre and its beach

Luskentyre Beach is known across the country for its beauty and confined paradise look. Turquoise, emerald, and golden sand, so many colors for this hidden treasure, located in the north of the country, in the Harris archipelago. In summer, this beach takes on a Caribbean air, you would almost forget that it is in Scotland.

It is one of the most beautiful places to get away from it all, discovering the expanses of sand juxtaposing the green hills and the black rocks. We must not forget that Scotland is not only synonymous with fog, deep lakes and wet valleys…

Loch Ness et Urquhart Castle

How to visit Scotland without going through the famous Loch Ness? His legendary and hard-to-see monster, Nessie, precedes him by a long way. However, it is a very beautiful place. Loch Ness is first and foremost a very large freshwater lake. Indeed, with its 39 kilometers in length, this makes it the second largest lake in the whole country, despite a small width of one and a half kilometers. On the right bank, north of Loch Ness, are the highly prized ruins of Urquhart Castle.

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