Five tips for budget-friendly family vacations

friendly family vacations

A recent survey on Skyscanner shows that 37% of users have already made their children skip school to have a cheaper holiday. But you don’t have to skip school, or worse, choose between your offspring and your vacation. Skyscanner shows you 5 ways to take a family vacation without leaving your brood behind.

Destination : vacances

For a less expensive vacation, choose your destination carefully. Staying in France is always a good option, but if you want to go abroad there are plenty of places with good value for money. Spain and Portugal, for example, offer accommodation, food and economic activities, which explains why these two countries are among the favorite destinations for families.

Eastern Europe also offers great inexpensive family vacation options. Then think of Croatia, Slovenia, Latvia or Lithuania, where you will find the same as in Western Europe, but cheaper.

Leave at the right time

If you have to travel during school holidays, you can at least choose your departure and return days. And that can make a big difference to the price of your tickets. Use Skyscanner’s month search to find the cheapest days. In general, the middle of the week is cheaper, so try, if you can, to avoid traveling on weekends.

Timing also comes into play, especially if you plan to visit big attractions, like Disney World. In the United States, schools are not on vacation at the same time as French schools, so a trip during the last week of August is a good time to go, since that is when the crowds begin to decrease and that we can find advantageous rates.

Save on accommodation

Hotel stays offer many benefits, but they also tend to be the most expensive. A cabin or apartment may be better suited to keeping your family happy, and it’s also cheaper and more spacious. Being able to do the cooking yourself will also help keep costs down.

Also think about holidays in the countryside: it’s cheap, relaxed, outdoors and very nice. Choose a place where the weather is nice: avoid Great Britain! Many campsites offer “house tents”, with cooking equipment and a reasonable level of comfort. It’s perfect for families! In the same genre but more original, try stays in a yurt, tipi or bell tent, guaranteed for happy children!

Book early

It’s always best to book your holiday as early as possible, as you’ll tend to get the best prices for flights and accommodation. Indeed, many operators offer discounts at the start of reservations. But if you feel like taking a risk, it’s always possible to snag great deals at the last minute, but you’ll have to take what’s left, rather than choose where you really want to go.

Eat local – but avoid the tourist traps

Children can sometimes be picky with unfamiliar food, but if you handle it right, mealtime can be fun and relaxed. Avoid places that are too touristy (usually overpriced and crowded) and opt instead for local supermarkets and family restaurants, which are generally more family-friendly and better value for money.

To provide an example –Tanzania Family Safaris offer a great blend of exotic flavours and local charm. While introducing your children to the wonders of African cuisine, you can bypass the overpriced and crowded tourist traps. Opt for the warm embrace of local supermarkets and family-run restaurants, where you not only savour authentic dishes but also create lasting memories with your loved ones, all without splurging too much.

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