5 tips to save money when booking your family vacation

family vacation

Traveling is often a luxury reserved for wealthy families. However, if you know how and when to book your family  vacation, you can save a lot of money. Being flexible with dates, looking for discounts and booking tickets online are easy ways to save. But there are others.

Countries like Hungary, Poland, Latvia or Spain are destinations with the best value for money in Europe. An economical solution for a family holiday in Spain  is to find a rental in an apartment or a villa. Looking for reviews on the internet from other tourists and choosing a destination where the cost of living is low also saves money.

Also remember to check the calendar of local festivals  as these will certainly affect the price of accommodation and flights. Once you have selected your destination, all you have to do is find expensive accommodation for your family vacation.

Be careful with cookies

Do you know what cookies are? No ? Well, that’s information that companies keep about your browsing history. With this information, they can detect your interests and offer you higher prices to book their services. Therefore, when looking for information to book your family vacation, especially on airline sites, we recommend that you delete cookies or browsing history.

Another method would be to use various devices to search for information, although the most convenient and effective way is to use private browsing mode.

Find a good flight comparator

Comparing prices is mandatory if we are going to travel by plane. However, this operation can take a long time, unless you use a flight comparator. With just one click, these websites compare all available connections. Once you have found which company offers the best deals for your dates, it is recommended that you book directly on the airline’s website to avoid paying intermediary commissions.

One of the most well-known and used flight comparators is Skyscanner . In addition to offering the best deals, it gives flight information and recommendations. And if you’re looking for budget ideas for a family vacation, check out our Spain tourist information articles .

Get the best prices

The best tip to save when booking a family vacation is to compare available prices and pay attention to offers from various booking portals. Indeed, some companies are used to making special prices for new customers or on certain dates, so it may be worth checking before booking.

In addition, we recommend that you subscribe to their newsletters to receive last minute travel deals or discount codes that you can use to get a cheaper vacation, as well as travel information and other goodies. planes. Also, whenever possible, activate specific alerts on airline websites to receive notifications when there are new offers.

Watch out for company mistakes

This rarely happens, but it is sometimes possible to find plane tickets at ridiculous prices. We are referring to tickets to Honolulu (Hawaii) for €300 return or to Valencia for  the Fallas  for €10 return. These unbelievable prices may be due to human error when pricing the flight, not including certain charges such as airport taxes, fluctuating fuel prices, etc.

Companies work hard to avoid this kind of error, so be careful to take advantage of these special offers while they are online. Some sites like Voyages Pirates  or Holiday Guru  are ideal for detecting these errors and finding these good deals. These are opportunities that should not be missed and that will allow you to save money or to be able to spend more in the accommodation or on the spot during your holidays.

Take into account the additional services offered by certain airlines

It may be ironic, but sometimes what looks like a cheap vacation can turn into an overpriced vacation. Moreover, sometimes it is more profitable to pay a little more to fly with a reputable airline, even if in principle the tickets seem more expensive, since it offers services of interest to families, without additional cost.

The prices of some low cost airlines can seem unbeatable. However, as you add services, such as charging for a stroller, car seat or more luggage, the price increases until it exceeds that of companies that are not low-cost.

Also, remember that there is no common standard when it comes to the weight and size of luggage which varies depending on the airline you are traveling with. Therefore, it is better to check the conditions before registering, otherwise it could be expensive!

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