The expert guide to finding the perfect hotel

finding the perfect hotel

Finding the ideal hotel is not necessarily mission impossible. Search like a pro with KAYAK filters, and you’ll find the accommodation of your dreams in just a few clicks.

Do you want to stay in an eco-responsible hotel with a swimming pool, free breakfast and, above all, no hidden costs? Or conversely, are you a backpacker looking for a room at a low price? If everyone has their preferences, everyone wants to be able to find the right hotel and book it at the best price.

Are you already tearing your hair out trying to find a hotel for your next vacation? Do not panic. Thanks to our guide, you will know how to find exactly the accommodation that suits you, in the ideal area and with a complete view of the total price.

star ratings and customer reviews

Whether you’re a backpacker on a budget, a fan of luxury hotels or simply a fan of the best value for money, start your search for the ideal hotel with two essential filters:

The “Stars” filter is the one that seems the most obvious when looking for a hotel: select the minimum number of stars you want and we’ll show you all the accommodation available for this classification and those above.

Filter results based on reviews

Refine your search for suitable accommodation even further: just below the “Stars” filter, you will find another one entitled “Reviews”. Thanks to comments from certified users, you will have access to opinions from travelers who have really stayed in the establishments presented.

Of course, reviews won’t always be positive, but they provide a unique, unbiased perspective and help you find the hotel that’s truly right for you.

rates and taxes

To find the ideal hotel, use the KAYAK “Price” filter, which allows you to include additional costs in the total price from the start

If all the filters will be useful for you to find the ideal hotel, this second step is the little extra that makes all the difference. There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect hotel at the perfect price, and once on the payment page, seeing the price inflate because of additional fees and resort taxes. This will be a distant memory with our “Price” filter, which allows you to include additional costs in the total price from the start.

For example, if you plan to spend three days in Rome, simply select the “Total stay + local taxes & fees” option. You will be able to view the total price of your holiday. No more unpleasant surprises!

And of course, the price bar allows you to indicate a minimum and maximum price to see the hotels that correspond to your budget: move the slider on either side of the bar and you’re done.

included services and other filters

Refine your search for the ideal hotel even further by adding the KAYAK filter “Services included”

Free services are always nice, right? If the accommodation of your dreams must also offer parking, WiFi or even free breakfast, simply select these options in the “Services included” filter. Hotels that offer these options will then be displayed. The #Free Breakfast hashtag on Instagram is yours!

Now, let’s dwell on the more specific details. Of course, price, quality of accommodation and included options are important criteria for most travelers, but you may have special requests.

A little further down in the filter column, you can select the services, theme or type of establishment that interest you. In practice, this means that you can easily find a wheelchair-accessible hotel, a pet-friendly apartment or even an eco-friendly B&B. It could hardly be… easier.

the location that makes all the difference

Find the perfect hotel in a specific neighborhood using the KAYAK hotel filters “Location” and “Neighborhood”

Find the neighborhood that suits you best. Most of the time, you won’t go completely blind: you’ve probably already

about the area you want to stay in, or you are just going on a business trip and will need to be near a certain location.

Once you have an idea of ​​the place you like, use the “Location” and “Neighborhood” filters. Choose from the most famous districts of the city (Kreuzberg in Berlin!), or specify the maximum distance from the city center for the ideal hotel. To save money, also consider sleeping slightly outside the center, but close to a public transport line.

If you’re the type to favor a specific atmosphere rather than one neighborhood or another, our hotel map will become your new best friend. So keep reading…

the hotel map

Click on “SEE MAP” at the top left of the results page, and discover the KAYAK hotel map: this interactive display shows you all the hotels in the city, filtered according to the criteria you have already applied.

Now take a look at the “Popular neighborhoods” section: you have the choice between “Restaurant”, “Tourism”, “Shopping” and “Nightlife”. Select one of these themes and you will immediately see the trendiest corners of the city displayed on the map. The more the zone is red, the more it corresponds to the theme you have chosen. Small restaurants, museums, shops or trendy bars are yours!

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