3 Montreal restaurants that give the impression of being on the seaside

3 Montreal restaurants

If only we could spend the whole summer vacationing by the water. We can always dream, but today we suggest you rather let the pleasures of the sea come to us.

If you’re staying in Montreal, or if you’ll be visiting soon, don’t miss trying these delicious  new dishes from three restaurants located in different areas of the city. Order, close your eyes and treat your taste buds while imagining the sound of the waves and the scent of the salty air.

1. kanos and its surprising fish proposal

We already went to this restaurant in the Old Town for its traditional Greek dishes that make you travel and for its excellent wine selection. But beware, Ikanos has just unveiled a unique new proposition:  a dry-aged fish bar. We tried it, and here’s what we thought!

First, your express fish aging course: the method removes water to concentrate flavors. After two weeks, the aromas change, revealing notes of mushrooms and hazelnuts, for example. The flesh also has a more oily and firm texture.

Concretely, what does that mean? During our visit, we had the chance to taste a salmon tartare with a surprisingly creamy texture (served with an avocado mayo, a delight!) and an ultra meaty and gourmet halibut fillet.

The more adventurous will order a dish of aged sea bass and another prepared in the traditional way. That’s what we did and that’s how we were able to really capture all the subtleties of the effect that aging has on fish.

For the record: the restaurant’s chef, Constant Mentzas, learned about this processing technique from his brother, who lives in New Zealand. At this other end of the world, it is more common to mature fish as we do for meat. That said, here in Quebec, this is a first for a restaurant.

The fish offer at Ikanos was already making the crowds run, but with this new proposal, we can expect to hear even more about it! Gustatory pleasures guaranteed.

2. The latest from Mitch Deli: the incredible fish and chips sandwich

If in addition to wanting seaside flavors, you are looking for a place with atmosphere, it is at Mitch that you have to go. The restaurant, which recently moved to Beaubien East, totally charmed us with its new sandwich served in its traditional brioche bread, the fish and chips.

The latter is topped with turbo tempura, fiddleheads, garlic cream spinach, wild garlic ranch sauce and horseradish emulsion , and it tastes like heaven! This explosion of completely seasonal flavors is served in the bread and with the chips that made the fame of the first sandwich of the place, the fried chicken.

The menu inspired by seasonal produce changes quickly, so you’ll have to act fast if you want to try the fish and chips.

During your visit, you will certainly be offered an improvised accompaniment the same day according to the arrivals of the producers who supply the restaurant with the freshest vegetables. You will enjoy yourself, especially if you also treat yourself to one of the bottles of wine that are on the restaurant’s ultra-selective list.

3. The long-awaited Parasol lobster

That’s it, the lobster has finally arrived in this now famous lobster shack, the one that sets up shop every summer in the alley of boulevard Saint-Laurent, behind the restaurant Beau Temps. The ultra-friendly concept had  opened for the season in early April, with the first phase of its menu, which featured crab.

4. Our favorite lobster shack has reopened for the season

It’s been three summers that the discreet counter has been serving insiders. You can order whole crab and lobster, served hot or cold, or in a lobster roll, salad and sandwich. We order to take away, or we sit on one of the picnic tables set up in the alley, to feel like on vacation while eating a meal.

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